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MK Illumination is one of Europes leading manufacturers of high quality commercial connectable fairy lights.

About Our LEDs - Premier LED Technology

Premier LED Lights Its golden glow, together with the welcoming atmosphere it creates, makes "warm white" the first choice of LED colour for decorative and Christmas illuminations.

However, not all "warm-whites" are the same. In conjunction with the most renowned LED lighting manufacturer worldwide, the MK R & D department has developed an LED light source which combines energy efficiency and high luminosity with a consistent "warm white" tone.

Despite its considerably lower energy consumption, the LED produces a light which is strikingly similar to that of a traditional light bulb.
Brilliant White LED Lights MK call cold white "brilliant white". This is because no other light can create magical winter landscapes that are so charming, majestic, powerful and pure.

Brilliant light attracts people‘s attention and manages to hold it because of its fabulously unique colour tone.

Warm White

Brilliant White

What do "patented LEDs" offer?
The patented LED specially manufactured for MK Illumination – our Premium LEDs – are not labelled 'premium' without reason. They offer decisive advantages over the competition:
  • they are sourced exclusively from a reputable manufacturer
  • only patented LEDs provide an assured legal position on the market
  • luminosity and quality fulfil the standards set by MK Illumination
The benefits of Premium LEDs are illustrated by their performance. After about 10,000 hours, a Premium LED loses 10-20% of its luminosity. Cheap copies, however, can lose 50% and more after only 1,000 hours. Copy LEDs are illegal and are commonly used in cheap products. They are easily identified by these three key measures:
  • inconsistent light colours (Kelvin)
  • high loss of luminosity (Lumen in percent)
  • short operational life (time)
Insist that the manufacturer or reseller shows you valid certification that their product uses patented LEDs!

MK uses only low-power LEDs
These are ideally suited for decorative and festive illuminations since they only emit a nominal amount of heat. All MK products have been, and are, subject to continuous testing by recognised European institutes (SLG, Kema, TÜV), guaranteeing the highest levels of safety for you and your customers.

Optimal light distribution: 360 degrees of light
Many manufacturers use LEDs with a radiation angle of 30 degrees. These create one very bright point which is only easily visible from a single angle. An LED which shines over too restricted a range does not meet the requirements of the various laser classes and can damage the human eye if looked at too closely.

That is why MK only use LEDs which are glued with epoxy resin into a specifically aligned polycarbonate cap. This helps to create a soft light which has a light output of 360 degrees. What's more, the glue is a special formula which enhances the light coverage, acting like a magnifying glass to reinforce the effect and make the LED's sparkling light shine all the more brilliantly.

Advantages of MK LED products:
  • Clear colours without UV radiation
  • Minimal loss of luminosity
  • Longer operational life
  • 80-90% energy savings
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Shatterproof casing in clear or matt polycarbonate
  • High-impact durability, vibration-proof

String Lite

Ice Lite

Mesh Lite

Drape Lite offers the complete range of MK Illumination energy efficient decorative lighting. All the LED connectable lights are Quick Fix® compatible and include String Lite®, Ice Lite®, Drape Lite® and Mesh Lite®

We specialise in Outdoor decorative lighting, Low Voltage festive lights, LED fairy lights and high quality commercial connectable lights.

MK Illumination are at the cutting edge of new and emerging technologies, and are continuously aiming to provide customers with new products which not only reflect latest trends but also energy efficient and environmentally friendly commercial connectable light solutions.

MK Illumination are at the forefront of LED technology and are proud to be the only company to promote an LED only range of commercial connectable lights.
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